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To bring you the most relevant contents about startup development, considering their practical use in your startup, The Traction Stage is divided in three different sections:

Startup Stories 4

1. STARTUP STORIES: Here, you’ll find interviews with successful founders to understand how did they develop their products and services, what kind of marketing channels strategies did they use, what were the biggest challenges they’ve faced in their journeys. Learn from other entrepreneurs’ experiences. Check startups related to the markets you want to target and see how they’ve achieved traction.

Lessons and Tools 4

2. LESSONS & TOOLS: In this section, you’ll find essential methodologies and frameworks that will enhance your technical skills to effectively lead your startup to success. To make each learning more objective, they are presented in the most practical way—considering steps, spreadsheets, etc.

Readings 4

3. READINGS: Finally, it’s good to say that, despite the intention of  providing you lessons in the most practical way, I strongly recommend you to read books and other resources as much as you can. That’s why, in this third section, I’m bringing you some reading recommendations related to startup development.

Let’s get to the traction stage!

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