Deploy Empathy by Michele Hansen

“Deploy Empathy” is a valuable resource if you’re working to generate powerful product insights from customer interviews. It provides you with the right customer interview mindset, as well as presents many real-life examples, resources, and templates.

What I love about Deploy Empathy

The mindset (and why): Michele was very competent to translate her vast experience doing customer interviews into a clear and powerful mindset to be adopted by the reader. Not only does she presents this mindset, but she also explains the principles that sustain it. This helps you dive much deeper into your customers’ minds than if you just tried to make the “right” questions.

Examples: Knowing how frameworks happen in real life is key to turning knowledge into practice. That’s why I love it when authors provide the reader with real-life examples. In “Deploy Empathy”, Michele goes beyond just mentioning past cases; She also provides you with the audio and the transcript of a real-life interview.

Templates: People doing customer interviews have to deal with a laborious (but fundamental) part of it: interacting with people before and after the interview. You must find them, invite them, thank them, follow up with them… Argh. It consumes time and energy. But, Michele didn’t ignore this part and provided many plug-and-play templates for you to use. This makes the process faster and easier.

References: Through all over the book, Michele suggests additional resources and the reasons why she thinks they’re valuable. Knowing where to find more knowledge and how the resources can contribute to your journey will help you a lot in deciding which one to go for next.

Enjoy your reading. 😉

  • Title: Deploy Empathy – A Practical Guide To Interviewing Customers
  • Author: Michele Hansen
  • Year: 2021
  • Publisher: Dotsquare Press
  • Buy it on Amazon

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