The One-Page Cash Plan for Early-Stage Startups [Excel model included]

Your startup’s cash is the fuel of its validation journey. Go out of it, and your dream is over. So, that’s why a cash plan is a non-negotiable item on your to-do list, from day one. Well, maybe you rolled your eyes when you read “cash plan”—because you thought about “Balance Sheet”, “Cash Flow Report”, […]

Focus On Your Startup’s Cycle’s Average Burn

cycle's average burn

While working on one of my Excel models, a question popped up in my mind: what cash metric could translate the Lean Startup Methodology‘s principles in the most accurate way? We certainly count on great cash metrics, such as the burn rate and the runway. But, I wasn’t satisfied with them as answers to my […]

What Is Your Startup’s Cash Runway?

Now that you know what your cash burn rate is, you may understand this post’s question. Your Cash Runway is the amount of time your startup has before its cash ends. For example, if your startup’s cash balance is being reduced by $5,000 per month, and you have $20,000 as available cash, in 4 months […]

What Is Your Startup’s Cash Burn Rate?

Cash Burn Rate is one of the core financial metrics you have to keep in mind, all the time. Okay, but what is it? There are 2 different burn rates: For instance, if you estimate your startup will spend $48,000 in the next 24 months, your Gross Burn Rate is $2,000/per month (total costs divided by the number of months). […]