What Babies Can Teach You About Your Early-Stage Startup?


Books, podcasts, mentors, blogs. They are great sources from where you can gain insights about how to lead your early-stage startup. But there is an even more powerful source of knowledge you’ve been missing so far: BABIES. Yes, babies. Although they are clueless about what’s happening around them, they carry a “key” inside their heads. […]

Prioritize and Optimize: The Founder’s Everyday Mission

Cash Management is the key to unlock your startup’s potential. And the mission of wisely managing your cash is translated into 2 powerful orders: Prioritize and Optimize. To prioritize is to be effective. To optimize is to be efficient. But, wait. What exactly do these words mean? What’s the difference between one and the other? […]

3 Attitudes To Leverage Your Early-Stage Startup’s Cash

The way you manage your startup’s cash in the early days will directly impact on your chances to succeed. By making the right choices, you’ll guarantee enough money to support your validation process and to find traction. By making the wrong ones, you’ll find yourself in a dead-end, with your pockets empty. In the next […]

Subscription Marketing: CAC, LTV, and ROI

Subscription Marketing, CAC, LTV, ROI

A great subscription startup demands wise marketing initiatives. And to be wise about your marketing campaigns you must master key metrics such as Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), and Return on Investment (ROI). Probably, you’ve listened about these metrics before. They might seemed interesting, but you didn’t care thaaaat much about them. […]

“AARRR!”: The Pirate Metrics And Your SaaS Subscription Startup

The “Pirate Metrics” is a powerful framework that provides you with 5 key metrics to manage your startup’s growth. It was created by Dave McClure, and it’s made of essential metrics that startup founders should know by heart. They’re called pirate metrics because… well… the acronym sounds like a pirate yelling—“AARRR!”—and it stands for: ACQUISITION […]

Designing a Business Model For Your SaaS Subscription Startup

How much of your creative time have you invested in designing the business model for your SaaS subscription startup? There are two kinds of startup founders. The first believes success will naturally emerge from the product idea. The second believes success will happen only through a powerful business model. Which kind of founder do you […]

7 Customer Interview Tips To Generate The Best Insights

Okay. You’re excited because you’ve scheduled some customer interviews. You know this is a great opportunity to generate insights that will boost your startup development. But, some entrepreneurs simply waste this wonderful opportunity because they ignore one or more of the following customer interview tips. 1. Ask Open-Ended Questions The more your customers talk, the […]

Doing Customer Interviews? Be Sure To Cover These 7 Topics

customer interview

Generating insights from customer interviews is one of the 9 Cheap (But Powerful) Steps To Get Your Startup Idea Going. But, what kind of insights should you get from these interviews? To avoid turning customer interviews into just nice conversations, I always have in mind the following seven insights. P.S.: I Consider items 1 to […]

9 Cheap (But Powerful) Steps To Get Your Startup Idea Going

Is “lack of money to launch my startup” your favorite excuse to not executing your business idea? Definitely, you must redesign your logic. Right now. Money is indeed necessary to build a successful business. But, not having enough money to build the whole business doesn’t mean you cannot start your execution. Actually, taking the first […]

5 Methods To Validate Your Startup Solution

After identifying the riskiest assumptions about your startup solution, it’s time to validate it with real people. But, what validation methods can you use? In this post, I’ll present you 5 well-known validation methods: wireframes, mockups, prototypes, landing pages and MVPs. WIREFRAMES Wireframe is a very simple, sketchy representation of your solution. Its main focus […]