Avoid The “Just One More Feature” MVP Trap

Just like an itch you need to scratch, adding features to your MVP may be too tempting for you to resist. Although you know additional features cost you time, energy, and money… you keep adding them. And one feature calls for another one: a search bar calls for ‘filters’… that calls for ‘categories’… that calls […]

Close Your Ears To These Startup Validation Noises

startup validation noises

During your startup validation interactions with other people, you’ll hear a lot of noises—pleasant words about your idea that make you feel joyful. Although these words look like validation evidence, they actually pose a threat to your progress. They simply make you feel over-optimistic about your idea. On the one hand, people will naturally feel […]

5 Methods To Validate Your Startup Solution

After identifying the riskiest assumptions about your startup solution, it’s time to validate it with real people. But, what validation methods can you use? In this post, I’ll present you 5 well-known validation methods: wireframes, mockups, prototypes, landing pages and MVPs. WIREFRAMES A wireframe is a very simple, sketchy representation of your solution. Its main […]

Define Your Startup’s Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Minimum Viable Product

Traction will come only if you’re competent to validate three elements of your idea: the problem, the solution, and the business model. This means your assumptions about each one of these elements must be true. But, how can you know whether your idea is valid or not? By testing them in the market—i.e., with real […]