7 Customer Interview Tips To Generate The Best Insights

Customer interview

Okay. You’re excited because you’ve scheduled some customer interviews. You know this is a great opportunity to generate insights that will boost your startup development. But, some entrepreneurs simply waste this wonderful opportunity because they ignore one or more of the following customer interview tips. 1. Ask Open-Ended Questions The more your customers talk, the […]

Doing Customer Interviews? Be Sure To Cover These 7 Topics

customer interview

Generating insights from customer interviews is one of the 9 Cheap (But Powerful) Steps To Get Your Startup Idea Going. But, what kind of insights should you get from these interviews? To avoid turning customer interviews into just nice conversations, I always have in mind the following seven insights. P.S.: I Consider items 1 to […]

Think Exponentially When Building Your Startup Idea

Salim Ismail, Michael Malone, and Yuri Geest identified 10 attributes of what they call “Exponential Organizations” (check their book here): It means that by effectively using some of these new organizational techniques you may achieve an impact at least 10x higher than you would if you didn’t consider them. That’s exactly why I recommend you stop […]

Are You Founding a Startup Or A Small Company?

Your first step in building a successful startup is… to be sure you should really found a startup (instead of a small company). Seriously, think about that. In the last years, the word “startup” became so popular that it’s commonly used as a synonym for “a small company” or “a company recently founded”. And, believe […]