What Is Your Startup’s Cost Structure?

The decisions taken on a startup’s business model will determine what costs will it incur while creating, selling and delivering its value proposition. The cost structure block describes all the relevant costs a startup has, based on its business model design.

Who Are Your Startup’s Key Partners?

Key partners are companies or people outside your startup that may provide relevant value for your business model to be successful. These partners have skills, resources, and knowledge that complement your startup’s strategy and close your business model gaps.

What Are Your Startup’s Key Activities?

Key activities are those activities that are vital for your startup’s business model to run successfully. For example, if you’re offering a delivery platform focused on the elderly people, you’ll need to be excellent at managing the platform, executing logistics and educating your customers.

What Are Your Startup’s Key Resources?

Your decisions about your business model will demand key resources to make it run successfully. Accordingly to Alexander Osterwalder, these resources are: Physical: machines, stores, buildings, vehicles, etc. Intellectual: brand, softwares, patented products or processes, etc. Human: professionals that bring an advantage for the company because of their knowledge. Financial: cash availability that leverages companies […]

How Will Your Startup Get, Keep And Grow Its Customers Base?

I bet you’ve been working hard on thinking about your solution design and features. Right? But, what about your strategy to call customers’ attention towards your product or service? What about your plan to make them start and keep using it? And how will you make them buy more from you?

How Do You Communicate, Sell And Deliver Value To Your Customers?

At this point, you already should know a lot about your customers and your Value Proposition. Now it’s time to define how you’ll communicate, sell and deliver your value to them. Here we have some examples of channels: Online sales; Sales Team; Own Stores; Partner Stores; Social Networks; Mass Merchandisers; Retailers; Sales Rep-firms; Distributors. Others….

Who Are Your Startup’s Customers?

At this point, you’ve already done several interviews about the problem with your potential customers. Based on these interviews, you have a clearer picture about who your customers are. However, you need more than just a blurry picture of them. To move on with confidence, you must present a better answer than just “women, in […]

What Is Your Startup’s Value Proposition?

When a customer is considering buying a product, she will start (consciously or unconsciously) relating its features to a possible benefit for her life. Everything that can make her life better, she’ll consider as a value. Well, your value proposition is all the value (in your customers perspective) you are delivering through your product or […]

Think Exponentially When Building Your Startup

With the first version of your business model canvas, you are ready to check if your assumptions will succeed or fail. However, I ask you to think BIG. Salim Ismail, Michael Malone and Yuri Geest identified 10 attributes of what they call the Exponential Organizations (check their book here): An Exponential Organization is one whose impact […]