A mastermind group for leaders of early-stage SaaS startups.

Hey, if you’re a leader of a SaaS startup in the early stage (i.e., no traction yet), you must check this out.

In the next weeks, I’ll launch “The Twelve”, a mastermind group for leaders like you.

It’s an intense “sharing & learning” environment in which you’ll leverage your skills as a leader, speed up your startup’s achievements, and contribute to other startups’ journeys.

What Will We Address?

In each week, we’ll address one of the four themes below

Pitch Mastery

Selling your idea---to investors, partners, or potential employees---starts with a clear and compelling 5-minute pitch. The "Pitch Mastery" week is a great opportunity to test and refine your pitch narrative.

In these weeks, you'll present your idea, and get feedback (about the idea, and about your speech). Additionally, by giving feedback to the other members, you'll also practice and improve your pitch skills.

Minds Over Challenge

Why trying to overcome a challenge alone when you can count on other 12 powerful brains (with a diverse set of knowledge and experiences)?

In the "Minds Over Challenge" weeks, you'll bring to the group your current biggest challenge, so you can get ideas about how to overcome it. Of course, you'll also provide others with suggestions about their challenges.

Powerful Frameworks

After so many years of startup development methodologies and practices, we can definitely count on frameworks to leverage our initiatives.

In the "Powerful Frameworks" weeks, I'll explain one of these frameworks and help you apply it to your startup.

Share & Learn

It's hard to think about something more powerful than sharing our progress with others. How much have you advanced? What were the hurdles in the way? How did you overcome them?

During the "Share & Learn" weeks, you'll share your progress with the group and learn from their stories too.

How Will It Work?

The perfect environment and pace for your progress.

12 Members

Yes, the name "Twelve" comes from the maximum number of members in each group. By limiting it to twelve members, we'll make sure each member will get the most out of the experience.

Weekly Meetings

Our meetings will happen recurrently, every week, so we can keep a good pace and consistency in our progress. By meeting regularly, we'll reinforce our members' bonds, and keep the momentum.

Private Discussion Group

But, what happens when we're not in a meeting? We'll keep the conversation running in our private LinkedIn Group. There, members will ask questions, provide others with insights, and celebrate wins.

Alexandre Niederauer Azevedo The Traction Stage - podcast host, blog writer


Hey there, I’m Alexandre Azevedo (founder of The Traction Stage | startup mentor) and you’ll count on me as the facilitator of our discussions. I’ll take care of the times, themes, questions, and guests, so you keep having an amazing experience and getting real value out of it.

In the next weeks, I'll launch the "Twelve" Mastermind Group in a special meeting. Wanna be there? Subscribe to the list 👇

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