Automio: A Platform For Lawyers to Automate and Market Their Services – with Claudia King [Ep#12]

Claudia King worked for many years as a lawyer, but she became really stressed out about the so called billable-hour model. As in any service that depends on the time of the people working in the company, the scalability of the business is restrained by the number of hour people are able to perform.

With a strong interest for automation, Claudia became determined to disrupt that kind of business model by not only automating the processes, but allowing lawyers to sell their automated services online.

In the 12th episode, Claudia tells us about the early days of her startup Automio and what were the challenges she faced to find the product-market fit and finally generate traction.

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What is Your Startup’s Market Size?

Even with a great idea you won’t go too far if there isn’t a big enough market that allows your startup to grow significantly. That’s why you should assess the size of the opportunity you’re working on, since the very beginning.


Certainly, there are several ways to estimate your startup’s market size and you should look for the most reasonable methodology in your case. The most important is to work on some kind of logic. Here, we’ll base our logic on 3 well-known market concepts: Total Addressable Market (TAM), Served Available Market (SAM) and Target Market.*

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