Abartys Health: Saving Lives by Providing Accurate Patients’ Data – with Dolmarie Mendez [Ep#21]

Abartys Health is a startup from Puerto Rico. It has created a system that allows seamless data flow and communication between insurers, doctors, and patients. Today, it has more than 1 million patients registered, 700,000 providers enrolled and $11 million in Annual Recurring Revenue. In our 21st episode, Dolmarie Mendez tells us Abartys traction story […]

RoadBotics: The Early Days Of An American Startup That Provides Smart Road Assessments – with Mark DeSantis [Ep#17]

We all want our roads in good conditions. Don’t we? But, the definition of a ‘good’ and a ‘bad’ road may vary a lot. This is the challenge that governments and companies run through in the process of road maintenance: assessment subjectivity. RoadBotics was born to solve this and other problems regarding road inspections. Through […]

Redox: A Platform For Healthcare Vendors And Providers To Integrate Their Data – with Niko Skievaski [Ep#15]

How exciting it is to think about all the solutions being developed for the healthcare industry! The use of technology for measuring patients’ health, setting appointments, setting medication and improving patient’s overall experience are just a few examples of that. However, to make all these improvements come true, healthcare vendors (technology developers) and healthcare providers […]

Airspace: Traction Of A Platform For Time-Critical Deliveries – with Nicholas Bulcao [Ep#9]

Waiting for something to be delivered makes you anxious. Right? Well, there are some businesses that get more than just anxious by late deliveries. An airline company that is waiting for a part to one of its planes may lose up to U$ 150,000 per hour if its aircraft stays on the ground. A patient […]

Boostlingo: Traction Of A Platform That Connects Interpreters To The World – with Dieter Runge [Ep#6]

A patient who needs to communicate with her doctor in another language. An accused person that needs to speak in foreign country court. A deal going on between two negotiators of different native languages. What all these cases have in common? The need for an interpreter. Today, we’ll know the story of Boostlingo, an unified […]

BabelBark: Traction In a Multi-sided Platform For The Pet Industry – With Roy Stein [Ep#4]

In episode 4, I interviewed Roy Stein, co-founder of BabelBark—an american startup that connects dog trainers, walkers, groomers, shelters and veterinaries directly with pet parents via a mobile enabled platform. Roy brings into the conversions very insightful elements as: the idea generation, solving the chicken-egg dilemma, prototype development, beta testers communities and the platform monetization strategy. Today, the BabelBark has […]