Automio: A Platform For Lawyers to Automate and Market Their Services – with Claudia King [Ep#12]

Claudia King worked for many years as a lawyer, but she became really stressed out about the so called billable-hour model. As in any service that depends on the time of the people working in the company, the scalability of the business is restrained by the number of hour people are able to perform. With […]

Boostlingo: Traction Of A Platform That Connects Interpreters To The World – with Dieter Runge [Ep#6]

A patient who needs to communicate with her doctor in another language. An accused person that needs to speak in foreign country court. A deal going on between two negotiators of different native languages. What all these cases have in common? The need for an interpreter. Today, we’ll know the story of Boostlingo, an unified […]