Riby: How a Fintech Got Traction By Helping People On Accessing Financial Services In Africa – with Abolore Salami [Ep#8]

Here we go to Africa, where we find many people who work hard but have difficulties in earning a good income as well as in saving for their futures. And these are exactly the issues that our next guest, Abolore Salami, is addressing through his  startup: Riby. Riby provides cooperatives a platform to organize their […]

Bambu: How a Robo-Advisory Platform For Financial Institutions Generated B2B Traction – with Ned Phillips [Ep#7]

Undoubtedly, personal financial planning is at the core of all significant financial achievements we have in our lives. Considering that our biggest financial goals are achieved only through the right balance between long-term and short-term spending decisions, it is important to have a good discipline to achieve them. Bambu developed a digital solution that provides […]