Goodwall: Generating Traction for a Platform that Connects Students, Universities and Employers – with Taha Bawa [Ep#11]

You’re a high school student, who wants to enter in some of the best universities. Or maybe you are already studying in the university, but wants to get an awesome job in a great company. Goodwall is a platform with the purpose to connect high school students with universities and college students with companies they […]

Farmstand: How a Sustainable, Ethical And Healthy Food Startup Found Traction – with Steven Novick [Ep#5]

After being diagnosed with cancer in 2006, Steven Novick was decided to adopt healthier eating habits in his life. However, as everyone that has taken that decision, he noticed how difficult it was to find healthy food for affordable prices. To solve this problem, he decided to found Farmstand. In our fifth episode, Steven Novick […]

XXII: Finding Traction in Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence Technologies – with Damien Mulhem [Ep#3]

In this episode, I interviewed Dam Mulhem, co-founder of XXII—a french startup that designs solutions based on Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Dam brings to the conversation important elements that have helped XXII to get in the traction stage as: economies of scope, B2B vs. B2C, culture evolution […]

ShipNext: Traction in Ships-Cargoes Platform, through Expertise and Technology – with Alexander Varvarenko [Ep#2]

Today, my guest is Alexander Varvarenko, founder of ShipNext. Based on his strong knowledge and experience in the transport industry, he’s been focused on developing a solution to tackle supply chain inefficiencies. ShipNext’s platform is strongly based on processes digitization and automation and aims to improve transparency as well as lower supply chain participant costs.

Epyon Power: Traction in Cleantech by Refocusing Target Market – with Crijn Bouman [Ep#1]

Crijn Bouman and his partners wanted to radically change the process of batteries recharging forever. In 2004, they’ve founded Epyon Power through which they aimed to reduce the recharging time from several hours to 15-30 minutes only. By counting with their team’s skills they’ve overcame challenging hurdles in the way and, after 4 years, Epyon started seeing some traction. In 2011, it was acquired by ABB, a giant in the technology industry.