What Is Your Business Model Hypothesis?

After assessing your startup idea, it’s time to translate it into a business model hypothesis, which will help you on better:

  1. Visualizing the idea: the business model hypothesis will consolidate the problem and the solution in the business model component called “value proposition” which—with other 8 components—will bring you a clearer picture of what you’re aiming to build.
  2. Communicating the idea: once it is easier to visualize it, it will be easier to communicate your idea to other stakeholders as: employees, co-founders and investors.
  3. Iterating the idea: With a structured framework, it will also be easier to analyze and define which assumptions should be tested first and how could you iterate your business model hypothesis in order to achieve success.

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What Is Your Startup’s Value Proposition?

When a customer is considering buying a product, she will start (consciously or unconsciously) relating its features to a possible benefit for her life.

Everything that can make her life better, she’ll consider as a value.

Well, your value proposition is all the value (in your customers perspective) you are delivering through your product or service.

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What Are Your Startup’s Key Resources?

Your decisions about your business model will demand key resources to make it run successfully.

Accordingly to Alexander Osterwalder, these resources are:

  • Physical: machines, stores, buildings, vehicles, etc.
  • Intellectual: brand, softwares, patented products or processes, etc.
  • Human: professionals that bring an advantage for the company because of their knowledge.
  • Financial: cash availability that leverages companies business model activities.
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What Are Your Startup’s Key Activities?

Key activities are those activities that are vital for your startup’s business model to run successfully.

For example, if you’re offering a delivery platform focused on the elderly people, you’ll need to be excellent at managing the platform, executing logistics and educating your customers.

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Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur

A great business model is the basis of any successful startup.

In this book, you’ll learn about The Business Model Canvas (BMC)—which is a very objective framework that will help you on designing, analyzing and iterating your business model.

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