MPost: The Traction Story of a Kenyan Startup that is solving addressing problem – with Twahir Mohamed [Ep#16]

Receiving correspondences in Kenya might be a real challenge. That’s because addresses (street, number, etc) are not available for every one. For many years, people have been counting on PO boxes—rented post office lockable boxes—many times shared with other people, in a centralized way. The problems naturally arise, once your packages might be accessed by […]

Tulaa: A Platform That Helps Smallholder Farmers To Thrive In Kenya – with Hillary Miller-Wise [Ep#14]

Episode 14, Tulaa, Hillary Miller-Wise

Imagine yourself as a smallholder farmer in Kenya. To grow your crop, you need to buy some inputs. Since you don’t have much money to pay for them, you ask for a loan to a local bank. Due to seasons timing, you have only 4 weeks to plant. However, the bank takes more than that […]

Riby: How a Fintech Got Traction By Helping People On Accessing Financial Services In Africa – with Abolore Salami [Ep#8]

Here we go to Africa, where we find many people who work hard but have difficulties in earning a good income as well as in saving for their futures. And these are exactly the issues that our next guest, Abolore Salami, is addressing through his  startup: Riby. Riby provides cooperatives a platform to organize their […]