Apathy In Your Course Sales Narrative? Get Rid Of It, Before It Kills Your Conversions

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No matter whether you’re offering your course in a webinar, personally, or in a sales page, your narrative must be filled with excitement. Because, whenever your customers feel apathy in your speech, their motivation to listen to what you’re saying weakens.

But, the word selling causes something weird on you; It seems there’s a voice in your ear saying: “Calm down… You don’t want to annoy anyone.” And this voice makes you slow down your narrative, and takes your enthusiasm to the ground.

Brian Tracy mentioned in his article How To Be A Good Salesman: 3 Qualities Of The Most Successful Sales Professionals:

Sales has often been called “the transfer of enthusiasm”. The more enthusiastic and convinced you are about what you are selling, the more contagious this enthusiasm is and the more your customer picks it up and acts on it.

Hence, if you want to sell your course or workshop, be truly ENTHUSIASTIC about it.

Yeah. I know… Talking is cheap.

But, let me share three tricks that always help me to overcome apathy.

Good News!

Isn’t it exciting to tell someone good news?

Like telling your parents they’ll become grandpas for the first time. Or telling one of your employees she’s promoted.

Knowing that your message means good news for the listener is enough to make you eager to say it.

And that’s exactly how you must treat your course sales from now on.

It’s not about a sale for your business. It’s good news for your customers about a positive transformation in their lives.

Hence, the key to unlock your enthusiasm lies upon your understanding about how better their lives will be.

It means the deeper you know the problem your course is solving and its consequences—frustrations, wasted time, wasted money, wasted energy, broken relationships, sleepless nights—the more you see your program as good news.

So, the secret is always to address a relevant issue that, once solved, will mean good news for your customer.

But, wait… How can you be sure to address a really relevant issue?

By digging deep into your customers’ lives. Interview them, read forums about the topic, enter group discussions, or derive insights from your own experience.

Don’t stop digging until you find something truly relevant.

It Definitely Works!

Eliminating hunger in the world is definitely good news. However, if you cannot deliver it, you’re making an empty promise.

And guess what? An empty promise will kill your enthusiasm to sell your course.

You don’t want to fool anyone, and any doubt you have about your promise will mine your excitement, and make your speech very mild.

So, the next step to kill apathy in your course sales narrative is to be sure you’re offering an effective program.

Once you’re certain that your course is really effective to solve the problem, you’ll never feel you’re “pushing too hard” anymore.

Instead of picturing yourself begging for your customers’ money, you’ll see your efforts as giving them chances to solve their problems and improve their lives.

In summary, the more you work to raise your course effectiveness, the more enthusiastic you’ll be about selling it. You won’t be concerned about annoying people, because you know they’ll thank you and leave great testimonials, when they finish your course.

It’s Soooo Worth It!

Do you enjoy wasting your money? Neither do your customers.

So, the third mindset shift you must go through is to put yourself into your customers’ shoes and see your course as an investment decision.

Really. Go in front of a mirror. Pitch your course for 1 minute. Pause.

Now, analyze the investment decision you’re asking your customers to do.

Start with how much you’re asking in terms of time, energy, and money. This is the overall investment they’ll do, once they decide to enroll in your course.

Now, ask yourself how much your course is giving them back—time, energy, money, health, relationships, etc. This is the return on their investment.

Finally, ask yourself—as if you were the customer—“Does this offer makes a lot of sense? Is the promised return much higher than the investment it requires from me?”

If you’re answer is ‘no’, ‘not really’, or ‘kind of’, it’ll be hard to be enthusiastic about it.

In this case, think hard about ways to reduce what you’re asking (their investment), as well as to increase what you’re delivering to them (their return).

Your enthusiasm will come only when your answer for the questions above is a huge ‘YES’.

In Summary….

Wanna be 100% enthusiastic about selling your course or workshop? Be sure it:

  1. Addresses a BIG PROBLEM in your customers’ lives
  2. SOLVES THE PROBLEM effectively
  3. Delivers a HIGH RETURN on your customers’ investment (time, money, and energy)

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