3 Pillars to Get Positive Testimonials About Your Course

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Do you want a ton of 5-star, extremely positive testimonials about your course? Then, make sure to help your customers achieve their goals.

One of the biggest mistakes you can do when building your course or workshop is to think it’s all about organizing and presenting your knowledge to your customers.

But, the truth is: your customers care less about what you know and more about the results they’ll get from it. It means they’ll give you great testimonials about your course, as long as it has produced positive results in their lives.

Do you want to guarantee strong results for your clients in your next course? Then, work hard to build: a clear roadmap, powerful frameworks, and smart safety nets.

A Clear Roadmap

Your customers want to achieve great results but they don’t know how to do it. Therefore, the first element of an effective program is a clear roadmap.

A roadmap shows all the important milestones and major steps that must be completed in order for your customers to achieve success. The milestones and the steps in your roadmap must also be linked to one another so your customers understand they’re all part of your program’s journey.

Maybe you already presented the roadmap on your free webinar. But, it’s important that you assure your customers clearly understand it, before moving on to teaching them the first framework.

The better they understand the roadmap…

  • …the more engaged with your program they’ll be
  • …the less doubts they’ll have about how to perform the required steps
  • …the more resilient they’ll be about the potential hurdles (once they understand the importance of each step, they’ll find a way to accomplish them)
  • …the more they’ll leave you positive testimonials

Powerful Frameworks

Just knowing what to do and why to do it (roadmap), still won’t make your customers able to perform the steps by themselves. That’s why you have a second mission when designing your program: to build powerful frameworks.

In your program’s context, a framework is the fundamental structure to execute a specific task. It’s the recipe behind a specific achievement. Your customers will use your frameworks to know what to do, how to do it, and in what order.

You should love creating great frameworks. Why?!

Because every time you build an effective framework, you transform your expertise into pure results for your customers.

You see?! It’s the point when you stop just teaching concepts, and start producing results through your know-how.

More than that, when you build a great framework, you increase your value as an expert because you just got your clients a better—or easier, or cheaper—way to perform a task.

Without frameworks, your program will be just informational. So, when designing your course, be sure to create frameworks that are both clear and effective.

The better you design your frameworks, the faster your customers will get to their final goal.

But, how to build great frameworks? By always answering these two questions:

  • What are the steps my customers need to perform in order to achieve each milestone in the roadmap?”
  • “What is the clearest way to guide them to perform each step?”

Safety Nets

It’s very tempting to simply stop in the first two elements of the equation (Roadmap and Frameworks). But, your course’s effectiveness is at risk if you don’t care about a third element: “Safety Nets”.

You know that net placed under an acrobat when she’s performing her show? Yep… In case something goes wrong, she doesn’t hurt herself.

I know… Your customers are not hanging their bodies 20 meters above the ground. But, as an acrobat, they’re also testing their limits.

When you ask people to invest their time and energy to learn and practice something new, it’s very likely they’ll fail somehow.

But, why would they fail, if you’re already providing them with a brilliant roadmap and powerful frameworks?

In fact there are many reasons why. Here are just some examples:

  • They’re very busy and cannot find enough time to dedicate to your program
  • They’re too tired (after working the whole day) to pay attention to what you say
  • They may not have money to invest in the tools or equipment you’re asking them to buy.
  • And so on…

Let’s suppose you’ve built a course about “how to include financial planning in kids’ lives”. Although you put your efforts to produce a great course, very busy parents will find it difficult to attend it, or to sit for hours and teach their kids about finance.

Hum… What about including audio only episodes such as podcasts (so they could attend your course while commuting)? Or maybe shorter lessons and a slower progress plan (so they could perform the tasks in a longer time-frame)?

Providing your clients with smart safety nets will help them get rid of potential hurdles in their journeys and, consequently, increase your program’s effectiveness rate (number of people who attended your program vs. number of people who achieved expected results).

In Summary

To guarantee positive testimonials about your first (or next) course, don’t forget to:

  1. Present a clear roadmap, so enrollees understand and believe in the process and go the right direction
  2. Build powerful frameworks, so they take the right steps in the right way to produce solid results
  3. Design safety nets, to help them deal with and overcome the hurdles in the way

That’s it; Three pillars that equal success for your customers and positive testimonials about your program.

P.S.: Your success on building these pillars is strongly related to your ability to niche down.

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